The outlook is bright

The outlook is bright
Really great news: from now on we can handle the entire manufacturing process for reflectors without interruption.
After just a few days, the new short-cycle coating system was ready for regular production.

We need to state something explicitly here: our production team is certainly not afraid to handle new machines, in the same way that they are unaffected by any engineering airs and graces. When faced with a challenge, they simply get on with it and tune, tighten, test and readjust until everything runs like clockwork. No wonder that, after only a few days of practice, the new coating system is turning out parts that are not only beautifully shiny and smooth, but are also almost perfectly mirrored.

At any rate, we are full of joy and enthusiasm at the fact that we can now coat our high-precision injection components ourselves almost immediately and without any loss of quality or time due to shipping. We have overall control of all the manufacturing steps and can manufacture and deliver parts faster and with more flexibility. That alone makes it almost like Christmas and Easter all rolled into one for us in one day; the best present we could give ourselves and our customers. And we're as excited as children at Christmas to be able to present this evolutionary jump in our supply chain personally to you, our customers. We're ready. 

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The kick-off will be at the Eurosensors from 9th to 12th September in Graz, followed by the 8th International LED professional Symposium +Expo LpS from 25th to 27th September in the Festspielhaus in B
On the initiative of the Standortagentur Tirol, we will present ourselves at the Technology Talks at the European Forum Alpbach as an industrial partner of the highly promising COMET project smart@sur