Dress up your discs

Content refinement is crowned with the right choice of packaging.

There’s no doubt about it: content is king. But to be quite honest with you, it would be all too easy to lose sight of content at the point of sale – literally in the sense of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ – without having the dazzling ‘style & packaging queen’ by your side. Exceptional content requires an exceptional presentation. For us, this is the supreme discipline in product marketing. Quite simply, an original and creative approach to the overall look and packaging automatically makes content appear that much more valuable and attractive. Customers should first be delighted at discovering their own products for themselves before revealing them to others – to even more rapturous levels of enthusiasm. That’s why we’re only satisfied when your content proves to be a genuine top seller out there at the point of sale. 

So benefit from the wealth of our creative ideas for packaging and design. Use our best practice expertise. We know precisely when the right choice of particular processing and finishing techniques makes the most sense and achieves the greatest impact. We’ll show you the most effective ways to market your media products within your budget at your disposal. Our best service guarantee ensures that we always deliver your specific packaging solution in the minimum time – and always with kdg’s proven levels of best quality.


Jewel Case
Double Jewel Case
DVD Case Double
DVD Case Single
BD 11mm single case
BD 12.5mm dual case
Carton Wallets
Multi Boxes (2,3,4)
Multi Boxes (5,6)
Paper Bags
Plastic Bags


DVD 7mm case
DVD 7mm dual case
Multiple DVD Cases
CD 5.2mm slim case
Super Jewel Box
Wrap Pack
CD 7mm Single Case
Slip Cases
Folding Boxes
Clip-on and Hinged Top Cartons
Flip ‘n’ Grip Box
Children’s Boxes


Metal Boxes
Hardcover Books
EcoMedia books
Hard Cardboard Slipcases
Showcase Packaging
Special Packaging