Welcome to kdg newmedia, the Masters of Digital Media
We stand for digital media production, archiving and distribution – fulfillment expertise that leaves nothing to be desired.

kdg newmedia. That´s injection moulding production of CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays. The fulfillment of ready-to-sell media products, whether standard or custom, simple or unusual packaging. For us, only one thing matters: the successful presentation of your products. This is exactly our area of expertise. After all we were founded in 1985 as one of the first pressing plants in Europe. Since then, we have served numerous large and small suppliers of the music, video, publishing, software, and gaming industries – most for years. For we have the advisory skills and processing expertise to produce both small and very small orders as well as special or large orders rapidly and reliably with the top quality that is required.

kdg newmedia. That´s also digital archiving and distribution with a comprehensive mastering and encoding portfolio, from CD audio and CD-ROM premastering to sound restoration and surround sound upmixes to copy protection and high-quality authoring for DVDs and Blu-rays. The heart of kdg newmedia studios is our high-end mastering and encoding services, as a basis for digital archiving and distribution of music, movies and TV content for all essential platforms, especially iTunes. Our job is to provide the right data in the right format at the right time, in the best video and sound quality, with all additions and extras, either for digital or physical utilization. We do this in the usual kdg style: creative, dynamic, thorough.



  • CD audio/CD-ROM premastering
  • DVD/Blu-ray authoring
  • Copy protection
  • Sound restoration
  • Surround sound upmixes
  • Media design
  • Trailer editing
  • Data archiving and digital logistics
  • CD/DVD/BD production in large as well as small print runs



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Really great news: from now on we can handle the entire manufacturing process for reflectors without interruption.