From a pressing plant to a general contractor
We vouch for top quality and outstanding service expertise. We always have, for over 25 years!

So we are kdg. While we started off as the third pressing plant in Europe, we now define ourselves as a general contractor for the creative industry. The road we’ve travelled has been as exciting as it has been instructive. And we’ve only managed to make it this far because we still have and espouse the rebellious pioneering spirit of an independent. Because we truly are a close-knit team, a team which climbs mountains with its customers. After all, the ability to rise above ourselves each day is vital given the challenges we all face today. Our team understands the wishes of its customers and also wants to find new, creative solutions for them. By placing your trust in our expert service team, you can concentrate fully on your core business. 

Not only do we enhance and turn your valuable content into attractive media products, we also take the headaches of logistical and administrative odds and ends off your hands. We’re your tailwind, if you like, driving you on towards the lofty heights of commercial success. We’re delighted to be by your side as you conquer one summit after the other. Naturally, we always like to celebrate the lofty achievements we share with a good old yodel. And naturally, you can also have your CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays pressed at our plant. But you’ll be left wanting even more once you really get to know us. Here we’re sure you’ll be bowled over by our cinema trailer, webshop and sales solutions. And, it goes without saying, by the proven quality of our ‘best service’.


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Really great news: from now on we can handle the entire manufacturing process for reflectors without interruption.