Approved for iTunes Extras

Approved for iTunes Extras
Our kdg newmedia studios can once again come up with a cheering announcement: They have now also taken the iTunes Extras certification with flying colours.
Is more than pleased about another iTunes certification for his ambitious crew: Patrick Obergschwandtner, head of kdg newmedia studios.
The joyful news arrived on July 31, just before seven o'clock in the evening at studio boss Patrick Obergschwandtner. After that it was time to cheer. Apple London let him know briefly and crisply: "You guys did a fantastic job and displayed that you understand the technical and artistic requirements for the product. You can now reach out to partners for this work and deliver to iTunes Store". Once again, praise from the technology giant for our kdg newmedia studios in Elbigenalp. After all, we are not only an iTunes certified encoding house, but have also qualified for movies, TV and music.
But what is iTunes Extras? Well, this supply puts feature films in the iTunes Store on a par with the premium exploitation of films on Blu-ray and DVD. iTunes Extras is thus casually formulated online bonus material such as Director´s cuts, interviews, behind-the-scenes material, photo and video galleries, and all this in HD quality, of course. "There's no question: This certification is a big deal for both us and our customers," says studio manager Patrick Pati Obergschwandtner, "because with iTunes Extras we can now offer another important feature in digital film exploitation on iTunes.

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Really great news: from now on we can handle the entire manufacturing process for reflectors without interruption.
The kick-off will be at the Eurosensors from 9th to 12th September in Graz, followed by the 8th International LED professional Symposium +Expo LpS from 25th to 27th September in the Festspielhaus in B